Frequently Asked Questions

Our entire range of alcohol-based hand sanitiser products comply fully with the strict EN1500 European standard which evaluates the efficacy of hygienic handrubs by accurately measuring the number of viable bacteria remaining on the fingertips after contamination and handrub exposure. Our Type IIR Medical masks meet the EN14683 European standard and can assist in reducing the risk of possible contamination from viruses such as COVID-19, SARS and H1N1. Our disinfectant spray meets BSEN 1276 and 1650 requirments.
Our disposable nitrile gloves are the preferred option for people with latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are free from latex proteins as they are manufactured from 100% synthetic rubber.
Gel-type hand sanitisers, such as those containing alcohol, are very useful particularly in healthcare settings and for times where access to soap and water is difficult. If hands are visibly soiled then handwashing with soap should always be used as sanitisers do not remove dirt.
Next day delivery is only possible by special arrangement. Please contact us for further information.
We guarantee to ship your order by the next working day if it is placed prior to 3pm.  UK based customers should receive your order within 1-2 days.
Our entire range of  hand sanitiser (unless otherwise stated) contains 70% isopropyl alcohol at a 99.6% purity grade.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), covering your face with a cloth mask is a key component to keeping COVID-19 from spreading. A mask prevents the person wearing it from spreading respiratory droplets when they talk, sneeze or cough. This is important because people can spread the virus even if they don’t know they have it.
It is very simple to correctly use our hand sanitiser gel products. This process should last at least 30 seconds.
  1. Apply an amount similar to a large pea of gel onto the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the gel into your palms with fingers.
  3. Rub the back of each hand with palm.
  4. Rub your palms together.
  5. Rub your palms with your knuckles/nails.
  6. Rub your thumbs together.
  7. Rub your wrists with fingers.
The sanitiser will then dry leaving clean and sanitised hands.
A good fit and form is important for maximum protection from a face mask. A face mask should fit snugly against the sides of your face and over your nose and mouth, secured with ties or ear loops. It should be comfortable, and you should be able to breathe freely.
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